I'm An Ambassador Annual Event

On November 17th over 25 ambassadors gathered at the annual I'm an Ambassador event at Confluence Brewing. A few weeks before this event, we launched a brief survey and had 33 people participate. The responses both warmed our hearts and motivated us to incorporate your needs into our existing programming. We wanted to hear from you in advance to understand how to better support you on your sustainability journey. The information gathered is invaluable to our leadership team in understanding how Urban Ambassadors view personal sustainability and what tools will help them reach their personal goals


Here’s a snapshot of the survey results.

  • What phase of personal sustainability would you classify yourself in?

10 beginners, 17 intermediates, 6 experts

  • What is your biggest challenge in becoming personally sustainable?

transportation, rental space, accountability, time/convenience

  • What is your main goal in becoming personally sustainable?

leave things better for generations to come, lower footprint, healthy planet

  • Please share some examples of your daily sustainable actions?

    1. Reduce, reuse, recycle

    2. Bike

    3. Solar panels

    4. Energy efficient appliances

    5. Food - locally grown, grow your own, eat a plant based diet (vegan)

    6. LED light bulbs, unplug items when not in use

    7. Use earth friendly household products

  • What types of activities/events/resources would you like to see Urban Ambassadors offer to aid you in becoming personally sustainable?

    1. workshops, speakers, brainstorming sessions

    2. fun events  

    3. online resources

    4. sustainable directory


This group of ambassadors broke into three separate tables to discuss their Personal Pathways, choose a personal sustainability goal, generate ideas for the Workshops/Classes/Speakers and Sustainable Directory and consider ways to hold ourselves and one another accountable. Each group had similar but unique conversations which resulted in a wealth of information and enthusiasm for sustainability.  


Part of what makes Urban Ambassadors great is the wealth of knowledge each person brings to the table and a willingness to share that information with others.  As you make sustainability part of your everyday life, share your eco-pride with the UA community by tagging #uadsm on social media. Sustainability is something to be proud of and creating a community around sustainability is our goal. Help show your eco-pride by using #uadsm

We are extremely grateful for the time and information shared with us via the survey and the event! Watch for new tools and resources as the UA leadership team uses this information to help all of our ambassadors reach their own personal goals in the upcoming year.