Three Reasons Why You Should Nominate An Eco-hero Today!

The life of an eco-hero can be tough. It’s a lot of work for little recognition. But eco-heroes are the ones who are making our communities better for today and for tomorrow and they are extremely deserving of praise.

You might be wondering how you can recognize your favorite neighborhood eco-hero—luckily for you—the Urban Ambassadors’ FriendRaiser, taking place on September 25th from 4:30-7:00PM at the Windsor Heights Community Center (6900 School Street Windsor Heights), is an event where we raise up our local eco-heroes by recognizing and celebrating their sustainable successes. We’re looking for a person, project, and partner of the year that are worthy of some recognition.

Our FriendRaiser isn’t possible without you and your nominations. Remember that their hard work is done, all you have to do is take a few minutes and fill our brief nomination form.

Still need a reason to nominate an eco-hero today? Here are three:

1.  Let Your Eco-Hero Feel the Love

Your eco-hero will feel great being recognized. Their work can go by unnoticed and we want to make sure their work is celebrated loudly.

Deanne Bryce, the 2015 Ambassador of the Year said of the recognition:

“It was such an honor to be recognized by my amazing Urban Ambassador friends for the pop up real food media film festival I organized and my support of other Seed Projects. I was surprised and so appreciated the recognition.”

2. Share Sustainable Success Stories with the Community

People might not be aware that your sustainable superhero is doing the work that they’re doing. And wouldn’t it be great if your favorite eco-hero had some help while trying to save the planet? The FriendRaiser is a great opportunity for your eco-hero to share their story to other like-minded community members. It could be a great way to find new volunteers to continue your eco-heroes’ legacies!

3. Encourage Your Eco-Hero to Keep Up the Green Work

We want to encourage our eco-heroes to keep on doing what they’re doing! They’re doing great things for our communities and we want sustainable projects to continue developing. This bit of recognition could inspire our eco-heroes to continue or even expand their projects. It could also spark interest in eco-heroes in waiting—those who have ideas but haven’t felt comfortable pursuing them until they’ve seen the actions and projects of our recognized eco-heroes.

Recognizing our eco-heroes is important and crucial in developing a more sustainable community … and your nomination only takes a few minutes. Please think of your favorite eco-hero and let them know how much they’re appreciated by nominating them for an Urban Ambassador award today.