Urban Ambassadors’ Top Five Eco-Friendly Vacation Picks

Summertime might be wrapping up, but summer fun doesn’t have to stop. You might have some more vacation plans this summer, but even when you’re out reveling in the sun, you can still be an eco-friendly Urban Ambassador!

Pick a “Green” Hot Spot

When you’re picking your destination—think green. There are plenty of places nearby and faraway where you can uncover some new sustainable practices or get a glance of what we, as Urban Ambassadors, try to protect.

This map has a few suggestions on where you can enjoy being green domestically and abroad.

Pick a Park … Any Park

Our National Parks are celebrating their centennial this year. Join in the celebration and explore some of the most beautiful places in the country.

It’s important to remember while you vacation that our National Parks are deeply impacted climate change. You can discover what the National Park Service is doing about climate change here and learn more about the sustainable practices the parks are undertaking here. Find your park here

Banff National Park Photo by National Geographic

Banff National Park
Photo by National Geographic

Pick a “Staycation”

Be green and save some green while discovering all of what Des Moines has to offer. If you pick a local vacation, you’ll be able to reduce your travel carbon footprint by staying close while encouraging dollars to stay and grow our community.

The Des Moines area has plenty of activities and fascinating places to visit.  Check out places you can explore right here in town here

Pick an Eco-Friendly Path

Whether you stay local or go global, think about the impact you’re making when you travel. Try to carpool or use public transportation when you’re on vacation—you might find new places you wouldn’t if you were in a traditional cab or driving your own vehicle.

Also think about how you’ll get to your location. Which is the most eco-friendly—a train, plane or automobile? Uncover your most environmental travel path here

Pick Up a Sustainable Skill

With WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) you can explore farms around the world and see sustainable practices in action—best of all—as a part of WWOOF, you’ll be able to learn these sustainable skills as well!

WWOOF offers a chance to volunteer on an organic farm pretty much anywhere in the world. You’ll get room and board in exchange for an opportunity to volunteer on the farm. It’s a great way to see some eco-friendly practices in action while also cutting down costs of a hotel or restaurant. Find places where you can WWOOF here.

Whether you stay local or go abroad, there are plenty of ways you can be an Urban Ambassador while you’re on vacation. There are plenty of places where you can enjoy sustainability in the summer—start planning your trip today!