Celebrate Holidays in a Sustainable Way

The holiday season is upon us! For die-hard sustainability ambassadors this can be a frustrating time of year as we watch our friends and families (and possibly ourselves) indulge in shopping, rich or highly processed foods, and an increase in trash and plastic around our homes.

The holidays can be enjoyable and an opportunity to make new sustainable habits. We asked some of our favorite Urban Ambassadors how they plan to make their holidays a little nicer to the environment this year.


Make Conscious Food Choices

“I am cooking LOTS OF PLANTS! I will be composting my veg scraps and using cloth napkins. Though I eat plants, compost and use cloth napkins everyday so I suppose that's not unique to Thanksgiving. Though I am also not traveling this year so I am cutting down on pollution!”

-Shauna Fessler

“I try to buy common holiday foods like sweet potatoes, turkey, and ham from local producers I trust. I use the Iowa Food Cooperative, where I work, or LocalHarvest and Facebook to find producers who sell products I feel good about putting on the kitchen table.”

-Ash Bruxvoort

Recycle Holiday Decorations & Wrapping Supplies

“We've used the same gift boxes (and often, ribbon and tissue paper) in my family for about 20 years. We used Iowa Food Cooperative-sourced ingredients to make 600+ cookies last weekend, too.”

-Alexson Calahan

“We use a homemade advent calendar from my childhood, which my mom gave me last year.”

-Kathie Gonzales

Find more recycled holiday crafts here!

Shop Local for Gifts

“I have done personalized gift baskets with local ingredients from the Iowa Food Cooperative, including:  local meat and cheese; popcorn, candles, (& a movie); soaps, bath salts, & lotions; towels, pasta, (& a strainer); coffee (& a mug); vinegar & oils; or I’ll pay someone’s membership for the first year!”

-Kim Riemenschneider Jackson, winner of the Iowa Food Cooperative Golden Okra award this year. Congratulations Kim!

“Shopping local is so easy to do with all the incredible options in our community. There are so many benefits to shopping local, where do I even begin? You can peruse Valley Junction or make a day out of the East Village. Choose local, Ambassadors!”

-Emily Boyd, Urban Ambassadors Vice President

Think outside the box for your gifts as well. Consider giving children opportunities to learn about and appreciate the outdoors by giving them a Science Center Membership or a membership to the Blank Park Zoo. Or give them a live plant they can care for! You can also give gifts you make yourself or skip gift giving altogether!

Thanks Ash for writing this blog post! 

Iowa Prairie Heritage Week

Iowa Prairie Heritage Week

If you’re an Iowan (lifelong or transplant) you probably know that our state is a prairie state. You might even be able to identify a Black-eyed Susan or Big Bluestem when you see a prairie planting. Or maybe you enjoy tallgrass prairie flowers, but couldn’t name a single one if you tried. Wherever you are in your journey of learning about Iowa’s native prairies, Iowa Prairie Heritage Week is the perfect time to learn a little more. The celebration begins on September 11 and goes through September 17. Who knows--maybe you’ll spark a love for the prairie that will last all year!

9 Ways to Celebrate Bike Month

9 Ways to Celebrate Bike Month

May is one of the best months of the year. The weather is warming, the Earth is full of happy green trees and colorful buds, and it's Bike Month! For the past several years the Des Moines Bike Collective has done an amazing job celebrating weekend trail riders, daily commuters, distance rollers and lovers of all things bikes here in Central Iowa. Here are ten ways you can join in on Bike Month fun! 

12 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in Central Iowa

For Urban Ambassadors members, April is not only a time to celebrate warmer weather and more daylight. It’s a time to celebrate the Earth, participate in projects that support and protect our planet and learn new ways to live a sustainable life. Here are ten fun ways to celebrate Earth month, make new friends and grow your community!


1. Downtown Earth Day Tour

Take a walk or ride a bike between the Science Center of Iowa, the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden, and the World Food Prize Hall of Laureates to learn about science and conservation in Iowa and throughout the Universe! Take a tour of a LEED-certified building, meet NASA astronaut Clayton Anderson, and participate in a collective art project using botanical and natural materials! This is a great event for kids. Learn more here.

2. Volunteer for a Trail Restoration

Organize a short weekend road trip and join volunteers from the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation to do important restoration work on the Wabash Trace Nature Trail. The trail is 63 miles of crushed limestone that runs from Council Bluffs down to Blanchard. There are two four hour volunteer shifts available. Learn more here.

3. Trash Bash

This year Iowa’s largest Earth Day event is focusing on what we can do to create a more sustainable community. Join more than 1,200 volunteers to remove tens of thousands of pounds of trash from the city of Des Moines. Register your volunteer team here.

4. Register for Bike to Work Month

Tune up your bike and prepare to ride for Bike to Work Month in May! Sponsored by the Des Moines Bicycle Collective, Bike Month is meant for anyone who loves to ride bikes in Central Iowa. Whether you’re a weekend trail rider or a daily bike commuter, Bike Month brings together bike enthusiasts of all experience levels to celebrate the ride! Learn more here.

5. Learn How to Support Environmental Legislation

Check out resources from the Iowa Environmental CouncilIowa Policy Project, the Environmental Law and Policy Center, or any of these other great organizations who are working to improve environmental legislation and policy in Iowa. Become an informed voter and make sure your voter registration is up to date!

6. Start a Garden

Whether it’s in the window of your apartment or a quarter of an acre in your backyard, April is a great time to start a garden and grow at least one new thing this summer. Learn more about planting flowers and grasses that benefit native butterflies and bees and register your garden with Plant.Grow.Fly

7. Learn About Water Conservation in Iowa 

Visit the Blank Park Zoo to hear about Iowa Conservationist James Pease's lifelong work for water conservation in Iowa. Pease has paddled 1,400 miles of Iowa’s rivers conducting surveys and will provide a unique perspective on Iowa’s waters. The final seminar in the Blank Park Zoo’s Wildlife Conservation Series is Thursday, April 7 at 6 P.M. Buy tickets here.

8. Post in the Urban Ambassadors Facebook Group 

Whether it’s an event we missed or something you want to organize on your own, post it in the Urban Ambassadors Facebook group! This is a great way to make new friends who care about protecting Iowa’s natural resources, just like you. Not part of the group yet? Join here.

9. Start a Seed Project

Have a great idea from an environmental project that’s not in Des Moines yet? Register a Seed Project at our website and find community members to help you make your dream a reality.

10. Attend our Monthly Meetup on Solar Power

This month's meetup will be on April 12 at Smokey Row from 6:00-7:30 p.m. Tim Kruse, owner of Green Light Renewable Services, is a master electrician with 20+ years of experience. He will share his vast knowledge on the different types of solar panels available for your home or business, the installation process, and also the incentives available at the state or federal level. Check out their website for a great list of reasons to consider solar for your home.

11. Attend City Council Meeting about Making Des Moines Carbon-Neutral

A group of organizations (and passionate youth involved in iMatter) are working together to make Des Moines carbon neutral by 2040. By attending the City Council meeting on April 25, the goal is to encourage City Council to create a citizens' task force with youth representation that provides input on how to get to net zero. Join the group from 4:30-6:00 p.m. at City Hall in downtown Des Moines. 

12. Join the Green Runners Group

Green running is a way to better yourself and your community. It is the act of running with a purpose: to make the world a greener place. Runners and walkers of all shapes, sizes and abilities meet in one place to get a workout and make an impact on the earth by picking up the garbage that litters our communities. Join them on April 22 at 6:00 p.m. at Los Laureles.  

We need your help in planting the seeds of sustainability in the Des Moines area.

Are you willing to help set the direction of Urban Ambassadors while we are evaluating and defining our role in the world of sustainability? We are seeking passionate and motivated individuals to join one of the two following committees. Your vision and expertise can help us ensure we are planting the correct seeds where they will grow the best.  

Personal Pathway Committee members will evaluate and define the ‘Focus Areas’ of sustainability that are the guiding principles of Urban Ambassadors. This will be done by evaluating current focus areas and determining their definitions. Resource tools and workshops/events will be created to facilitate these ‘Focus Area’ guidelines for fellow Ambassadors. Strategies will then be formed to hold individuals accountable when pursuing their steps toward their personal sustainable goals. This committee work will be used to recommend to the Board of Directors and will greatly assist Urban Ambassadors in moving the organization to the next level. We ask for a one-year commitment, volunteering an estimate of 7-10 hours/month.

Seed Project Committee members will evaluate and define the Seed Project process for Urban Ambassadors. Seed Project Committee members will help oversee everything from idea submission from an individual or group to helping make connections to make the project a success. This committee work will be used to recommend to the Board of Directors and will greatly assist Urban Ambassadors in moving the organization to the next level. We ask for a one-year commitment, volunteering an estimate of 7-10 hours/month.

If you are interested in joining either of these committees please email us at info@urbanambassdors.org with your interest.

Sustainable Sweethearts Recap 2016


Urban Ambassadors celebrated sustainable friendships at the second annual Sustainable Sweethearts at the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden last Friday. DJ Wolf Pack from Harding Middle School cranked out some tunes, Fresh Café and Market served up some wheatgrass lemonade and vegan desserts, and a photo booth brought new friends and old friends together. Check out the full album here!



At our FRIEND(raiser) this September we launched the Seed Project Tool, an online platform for planning a sustainability project in Des Moines. For the past few months we have been reviewing some of the great projects people have submitted and discussing how to help build connections for anyone interested in starting a project.

One seed project we collected that is now organizing a team is the Empty Bowls project, which UA Member Ash Bruxvoort introduced to the crowd at Sustainable Sweethearts.

“Iowa is the third most product ag state, yet 1 in 8 people in Iowa are food insecure. That is shocking. Empty Bowls is an opportunity for us to come together as a community of artists, farmers, and eaters, to raise money and awareness for a local hunger organization. Admission to the event is the purchase of a bowl made by a local artist, which the attendee chooses themselves, and we will serve a simple, local, vegetarian meal.

Ash has organized a follow-up meeting for anyone interested in learning more about the project. You can find the Facebook event here or learn more about the developing project at the Seed Project page.


UA is all about making connections with like-minded people and making Des Moines a better place to live. To new connections we had a short networking event where we shared our sustainability challenges and goals. 

We try to foster community all year, not just at our four annual events like Sustainable Sweethearts. At the event we launched two new ways to connect with each other. One is the sustainable directory, which is an online directory where individuals or businesses can submit their information and the expertise they hold in a specific area. Consider this our seed project that we kicked off at Sustainable Sweethearts! We hope you share these links with individuals or businesses who offer value to those interested in sustainability projects.

Another way to connect with fellow UA members and sustainability experts is through our Facebook group. This is a place to let each other know what we’re working on and to make friends. Are you planning a hiking trip? Post an event in the Facebook group and invite others to join you! Looking for volunteers for your community garden or Seed Project? This is a great place to share that information too. 


UA is so thankful for your contribution, large or small. We hope you stay connected to all the things we have going on in 2016. 

Written by: Ash Bruxvoort 

UA Board Position Opens in January

We are excited to announce a call for a new board member at Urban Ambassadors. Having served three years on the board, current president Bethany Wilcoxon will transition off the board in January 2016.  With the completion of a term comes the opportunity to add new ideas, talent, and leadership to the organization. Are you or someone you know interested in helping shape the future of sustainability in Des Moines?


Board members are critical in helping UA grow and sustain its current operations to serve the community and to envision and guide the community to its next chapter. We hope you'll consider joining or perhaps refer an interested community member to join the board in January 2016.