The most fun you'll have being green all year!

March alongside with UA members and invite all your fellow sustainability minded friends to show their true colors... 

Each year Urban Ambassadors invites some of our "greenest" friends and organizations to march with us in The Friendly Sons Of St. Patricks Day Parade. We figure, its Des Moines biggest green parade.  And with literally 1000's of people lining the streets its a great way to get your message in front of a whole new audience.

UA submits the entry fee and manages the planning so all you and your organization needs to do is show up and have fun with us.

Parade typically starts around 11:30 and runs through the lunch hour.  After the parade conclusion we will continue the fun with a group lunch or trip to the pub! 

Some of our favorite photos from previous years.

Would you like to march with us?

Join us other sustainability supporters in the 2017 Friendly Sons of St. Patrick Parade. Just drop us a quick note and we will be sure to reach out.  You can also send us a suggestion or share this with another group / organization who you think would be a great fit to join us in the parade.

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Whether you get started with individual action or build upon our collective and growing group. We encourage you to do it today, because together, we all make a difference for a greener Greater Des Moines and a healthier planet for all.