You can help celebrate the hard work of people, projects, and partners making Greater Des Moines more sustainable.

At our Annual FriendRaiser, Urban Ambassadors will present awards to members of our community who've gone above and beyond to help make the community more sustainable.  Recipients can be any age and do not necessarily need to be directly involved in Urban Ambassadors. Nominations can be submitted by anyone, with recipients chosen by the UA board.

The 3 awards

For all awards, the community contributions of the person, project, or organization being recognized should focus on the Greater Des Moines area and at least one of UA's focus areas.

1. Ambassador of the Year

Presented to a community member who exemplifies the mission and purpose of Urban Ambassadors.

  • The recipient considers carefully how they can make choices to live sustainably in their everyday life.
  • The recipient is active and knowledgeable in the community, and actively works to bring people together in the sustainability community.
  • The recipient has made meaningful contributions to the work of UA or its partners and friends.

2. Project of the Year

Presented to a community member who led a particularly novel or innovative seed project (or non UA community driven project) through to completion.

  • The project successfully educated participants about a sustainability topic in one of UA’s focus areas.
  • The project required a high level of coordination and effort to achieve.
  • The project team actively sought participation from a broad cross-section of community partners, including the UA community, to complete the project.
  • The project team was made up primarily of community members and volunteers.

3. Partner of the Year

Presented to a business, organization, or government that showed strong support for community-driven sustainability projects.

  • The recipient took special steps beyond their normal course of business to support a community-driven sustainability project.
  • The recipient’s contribution played a substantial role in the success of the project.

Submit a nomination:

To submit your nomination, fill out this simple form.

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