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Board of Directors

ZACK VALIGOSKY. Zack is originally from Toledo, Ohio and moved to Des Moines in June of 2016, after accepting a position as an Energy Engineer with CLEAResult. He attended the University of Dayton where he received a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree. During his time in Dayton, his passion for sustainability was created and developed as a member of the Rivers Institute. Housed within the Fitz Center for Leadership in Community, the Rivers Institute is a three-year program aimed at connecting the University and community partners to utilize rivers as a strategic natural resource. To address sustainability through the lens of engineering, Zack continued his education in Dayton and became a Master of Science in Renewable and Clean Energy. Zack works on a daily basis to save energy and reduce his footprint though his work, cycling, and other practices.

SAM COLLISON. Sam was born and raised in small town Iowa. As a child and teenager, Sam enjoyed exploring the beauty and wonders of rural Iowa. A Drake graduate and Des Moines resident for over a decade, Sam has found a passion for connecting young children to science and nature. As the Education Community Program Manager at Blank Park Zoo, Sam has dedicated her career to inspiring a love of animals and wildlife in people of all ages. She travels the state of Iowa with her message and believes education is at the heart of conservation. Sam thrives to be a role model in her everyday life and an inspiration to the next generation of sustainability heroes.

JEREMY MOORE. Jeremy is originally from Ames, Iowa with stints in Colorado, West Virginia and Florida. He moved to West Des Moines in 2007 and is currently a Massage Therapist in Clive. Jeremy graduated from DMACC in 2011 with an A.A. in Environmental Science and from Drake University in 2015 with a B.S in Environmental Science. In 2012, he became a "Master River Steward" and Iowater Certified Citizen Monitor. He is also involved with the Iowa Food Cooperative as a member and volunteer.  Jeremy loves spending his free time hiking, camping, cycling and stand-up paddle boarding with his son.


ERICA CARNES. Erica is a native Iowan who loves to travel and explore but is always excited to return home! She holds an undergraduate degree from Iowa State University in Political Science and Women's Studies and a graduate degree from Drake University in Public Administration. When she is not exploring the great outdoors she can be found at home under a pile of cats doing the other thing her life revolves around: KNITTING! As an avid camper and kayaker she is passionate about educating people on the importance of being a good steward and leaving the land better than we found it.


TANNER FAABORG. Tanner has roots in rural Iowa where he was raised on a farm with a family of seven. His next stage of life would take him to the The University of Iowa, where he studied English Literature and Political Science. In Iowa City, Tanner was immersed in community organizing with the focus on bringing people and ideas together, while at the same time starting and running a digital marketing company, Gadabout Marketing. After finishing his degree, Tanner pursued his passion for travel which took form in a one year, cross-country motorcycle trip. Later, this same passion led him on a three year adventure around the word taking him to 51 countries on 6 different continents. These experiences helped cultivate a yearning to learn and a desire to help better the world. Following his travels, Tanner returned to Iowa to seek his next adventure - home ownership. Here in Des Moines, he is currently working on a number of projects including owning and operating his men’s accessory line, working on a pilot project to collect methane from animal waste to convert to electricity, and transitioning the family farm to a lower carbon footprint through a large scale solar operation and renewable energy. Tanner’s excited to have a home base again and to work with passionate people on fighting for a sustainable and better future for all.


ANDREW COAN. Andrew was born and raised on the southside of Des Moines. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management from Iowa State University and is currently a contract negotiator at the Principal Financial Group. As co-chair of the Principal Green Team, Andrew enjoys educating others on recycling, nutrition, and conservation. He has always enjoyed the great outdoors and is very passionate about preserving its beauty. In his free time he loves to travel, play video games and run.


CASSIE NEMMERS. Cassie was born and raised here in Des Moines, Iowa. She graduated from Simpson College with a bachelor’s degree in Biology and is currently the Community Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator for Green Iowa AmeriCorps. Outside of dedicating herself to inspiring sustainability and conservation in others, Cassie enjoys traveling, running, and exploring her creative side through D&D.